Your good helper comes!!! warning triangle

- Aug 17, 2018-

Warning triangle is a good helper in your outdoor driving. It can be placed on the road to alert other drivers if you have a breakdown or emergency. Warning Triangle is a folding design,easy to take it. They're a legal requirement in most EU nations, although the number required differs from country to country. When driving in Spain, the law states motorists should use two warning triangles.


Today I would like to introduce one popular warning triangle model, it is normal type and have a very good sell respond from the market.

Why this model is so attractive?


1. High-reflective material


On the three sides of the warning triangle, it all added high-reflective material. When it is placed 150 meters behind the car, drivers coming from a distance will receive a clear and bright warning in darkness,fog , rain and snow situation one you stopping due to an unexpected break down. Its bright fluorescent orange color is also good for daytime visibility. It is very important and a mandate requirement for this product. Also it Conforms to British & EU standards ECE 27R.

2. Strong folding metal base 


Take a close look at this model, you will see the stand is shaped like a cross. It is a very stable and firm type with metal material. It is not easily blown down even in windy weather.


3. Easy storage and strong package


For the warning triangle is a folding design, it is very easy to take it, easy to set up and easy storage. Also the package , we use high quality plastic box, the product could be packed perfectly and avoid the scraping.



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