Your assistant- First aid kit

- Jun 15, 2018-

When an accident happens make sure you have a first aid kit.  It contain the most useful and necessary items for emergency happened in office, home or during travel etc. It’s a good assistant.

1. It use for:

a.Car/Vehicle First Aid Kit 

Our car first aid kits are all smart,waterproof and airtight, you can easily put it into your handbag .The first aid supplies in it can handle small injuries and hurts. 

b.Workplace First Aid Kit

Any kind of workplace needs a well stocked first aid kit for the employees.  We have kits for 25 person, 35 person, 50 person and 100 person. 

c.Outdoor First Aid Kit 

Outdoor first aid kits are useful when you are out of the home or office. For instance, when you go for camping, hiking and climbing, you need a kit includes essential items like CPR and emergency blanket. 

d.Travel & Sport First Aid Kit 

Traveling is a pleasure thing, but it will get you crazy if emergency occurs. No matter what kind of sports you are doing, and no matter how you perform it, you are not 100% sure that you won't get hurt.So prepare a travel & sport first aid kit handy is necessary. 

e.Office First Aid Kit 

If you are worrying that the first aid kits are taking too much space in your room or in your office? If yes,then the wall bracket first aid kits will be good choice for you. You can easily hang it on the wall for companies, factories,labs and etc.

2. Content:

Home care products: hearing aids, digital thermometers, forehead strip thermometer,blood pressure monitor.


Sports Safety products: Kinesiology tape, cure tape, cross tape, prewrsp tape,hockey tape, sports safeguard ,Safety blankets, safety gloves, Safety Vests, CPR masks, Stretchers and safety blankets;

Medical product: Medical waste bins, sharp containers,gloves dispensers, Suction Unit, suction liner. Ect.



3. Application: pocket, travel, sports, car, home, office, factory pet, etc

4. Material:  made of an environmental friendly material

5. Advantage:

a. Operate more quickly, comfortable, and simple

b. Light weight, easy carry.

c. Useful.