Would you like to know our 2 in 1 new type air compressor?

- Jun 07, 2018-

An air compressor is a tool that is used to blow up a tyre when the tyre is inflating.
It is Ideal tool for car with powerful motor when traveling outdoors and suitable for bicycle tires, car tires, RV, heavy truck, motorcycle tires, tricycle tires, electric car tires, football, basketball, inflatable boat, air bed, balloon, etc.


Today I would like to recommend our 2 in 1 new type air compressor.



1. DC12V/120W

2. Function:lighting/inflation/vacuum cleaner

3. Dial display

4. Air hose:100cm

5. Power cord:.5M

6. Material:ABS

7. Packing: color box

8. 1 X Air Compressor
   2 X Inflator Nozzles adapter
   1 X Sports Needle for balls


Exploded view:


1. Body

2. Lamp panel

3. Rubber ring

4. LED Lamp

5. HEPA Filter

6. Trash

7. Electric motor

8. Switch

9. Pointer gauge

10. Decorating plate



1. The operation is simple and convenient, a key switch can be inflated for tires and other equipment.

2. With emergency lights, easy to use the equipment at night. 

3Can be quickly inflated, the maximum pressure value up to 150PSI, can be fast and efficient inflated at an alarming rate of 27L / min.

4. Long enough car line (5M) to facilitate the use of the rear tire encountered fault, at the same time have a trough finishing car line,Neat and tidy.

5. Equipped with a variety of inflatable connector, using a variety of vehicles such as bicycles, motorcycles and swimming laps, inflatable beds and so on.

6. Inflatable time: 3 to 4 minutes

7. How to use: Car tires cheer for 10 minutes, please rest for 10 minutes


With so beautiful design and mult-function. It will have a good respond from the whole market. Any interest, welcome to contact us with no hesitate.

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