Which kinds of Jacks can we offer? Screw Jacks, Hydraulic Jacks, Electric Jacks

- Mar 22, 2018-

Which kinds of Jacks can we offer? Screw Jacks, Hydraulic Jacks, Electric Jacks

What is Jack?

A jack is a useful device used as a lifting device to lift heavy loads. The most common form is a car jack, floor jack or garage jack, which lifts vehicles so that maintenance can be performed. Jacks are usually rated for a maximum lifting capacity (for example, 1.5 tons or 3 tons). Industrial jacks can be rated for many tons of load.

Operating Principle

Normally, there are two kinds of jacks, mechanical jacks and hydraulic jacks, whose operating principles are different. A mechanical jack employs a screw thread for lifting heavy equipment. A hydraulic jack uses hydraulic power.

What Kinds of Jacks Can We offer?

Normally, there are many types of jacks are very popular in market, screw jacks, hydraulic jacks, electric jacks, scissors jacks, etc.

1) Screw jacks.

We can offer the screw jack models as follows, from 1.8T to 2.0T. Normally we can offer you red and black color, which is also the popular color in market.

Screw jack.png

2) Hydraulic jacks

For Hydraulic jacks, we have bottle jacks, floor jacks. Screw jacks are also hydraulic jacks.

We can offer different models of bottle jacks with the loading capacity from 2tons to 50tons.

For 2 ton loading capacity floor jack, we can offer different models of floor jacks with the net weight from 5.6kgs to 9kgs.

3) Electric Jack

Recent years, electric jacks (it has electric hydraulic jacks and electric scissors jack) are very popular among our customer. This product is very convenient and labor-saving for customers. Its special structure takes effect for dual protection. It has Pressure Protected Equipment inside, which can prevent overpressure.

4) Scissors Jack

Scissors jacks, mechanical jacks, are also very popular among our customers. We have different loading capacity from 800kgs to 2ton, different parts, different models, different surface treatment and different colors. For this jack, we also have electric scissors jack. On the body of the jacks, we can make CE sticker for you.


For different kinds of jacks, we have different certificate, for example, CE, GS, etc.

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