What will effect the price of the engineering lamp?

- Jun 22, 2018-

What will effect the price of the engineering lamp?


Firstly, here I would like to have a brief introduction for engineering lamp, In general, there are 3 main shapes for engineering lamp, rounded, square, rectangle, there are other shapes as well, see the following pictures.







Other shapes



About the factors of influencing the price, there are three main reasons: 1. the rear housing 2. cable( ‘’+’’ and”-’’) 3. holder, here I would like to explain how they influence the price.


1. Rear housing :

In general, the thickness of rear housing influence the price, generally, there are 4 kind of thickness: ① super-thick 52-55mm ②medium-thick 40mm ③thin 30mm ④super-thin 22mm


2. Cable:

The length, amperage and cover influence the price.


Generally, the length is 30cm, if the length is shorter, the price will lower; if the length is longer,  the price will higher.

The amperage of cable will also influence the price, we often make the cable 0.7-0.5mm², but if you want to make the length thicker, the price will be higher correspondingly.

In addition, the cover of cable is PVC, rubber and silicone, the PVC is best.


3. Holder

For holder, there are two kind of material: stainless steel and iron, for iron, there are two kind of surface treatments, painting and nickle plated iron, the price for iron is cheaper than stainless steel, for iron, the price for nickle plated iron is cheaper than painting.


Except these three reasons, there are also other aspects to affect the price, such as light color, the price for red, yellow and green will be higher than white and blue, the color temperature will also affect the price.


For each light to export, we will choose some lights for aging testing, the method is we will continuous switch-on 10 hours to ensure the quality.


Other aspects for engineering lamp:


The material for light dial is acrylic, the size for light is 2.8*3.5mm and 30*30mm, the connection type is series connection and parallel connection, for example, if there are 27LEDs for light, the way is 3 series connection and 3 parallel connection, the purpose for electric pole is fast discharge.


Besides, there are many LED types for engineering lamp: normal type, IPSTAR, CREE and Philips.


From above, it is the all aspects for engineering lamp, should you be any other question, please contact with us.


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