What is the Rachet Tie Down and How to use it

- Jun 22, 2018-

What is the Rachet Tie Down and How to use it?


What is a Rachet Tie Down:

The rachet tie down is used for the fixed function when transporting, moving, loading or warehousing the goods. They have locking properties,not fall off, safe, reliable, light and easy to operate and can protect objects from damage. According to different hooks, it can be applied to all kinds of environments. Also known as bolts, retractors, binders, fasteners, fastening straps.


 Features of the rachet tie down:

1. The rachet tie down device has high tensile strength.

2. Easy operation

3. Low cost and high efficiency.

4. it can be substituted for other same purpose products: such as wire rope, chain, etc.

5. The rachet tie down plays a fixed role in the transportation, movement or storage of goods.After locking, it will not fall off, safe and reliable, light and easy to operate. It can protect the object from damage.

6. Various sizes are available.


How to select a rachet tie down: Mainly from the following aspects:


  1. Width - the width of the stretcher is generally 25mm 38mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, etc.

  2. The strength which can withstand of safety load and breaking load

  3. Styles are generally divided into hook type and unhooked type.


How to use the rachet tie down:

Hook type:

Step 1: two hooks are hooked on the base, and the weaving belt needs fixed products.

Step 2: open the hardware of the rachet tie down, and the ribbon will pass through the middle, and then return from the center.

Step 3: prepacked tightly woven ribbon.

Part 4: swing back and forth to tighten the ribbon and finish.

Step 5: the following steps are used to loosen the rachet tie down method, hold the grip of the handle, and open the hardware of the rachet tie down to the maximum, and the rotation axis will release automatically.

Step 6: pull out the ribbon and loosen the rachet tie down


No hook type:

Use the stretcher to wrap the base and the product which needs to be fixed. The following steps are the same as the hook type.

Precautions for use of the rachet tie down:

1. Only use unbroken bands, and the label can clearly indicate the ability.

2. When used, please try to keep the fabric away from the sharp edges and corners to avoid wear or cutting.

3. Avoid twisting and placing the rachet tie down.

4. Not overloaded.

5. Don't knot the ribbon.

6. Do not place objects on the rachet tie down to avoid injury.

7. Do not use the rachet tie down as a load lifting adjustment.


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