What is Cargo Net

- Jun 28, 2018-

What is Cargo Net?

A cargo net is a type of net. It is usually square or rectangle, but sometimes round, made of thick rope, with cinch ropes extending from the corners, and in some designs, the edges. It is named for its use in transferring cargo to and from ships.

The cargo net is ideal cargo control device for SUV and pick up trucks, usually people use pick up trucks to move small pieces of stuff, such as boxes, containers, luggage, ratchet straps and cargo bars are most likely overkill in such applications.

Our bungee cargo net made of black bungee cords, all the bungee cords are knotted together which makes the cargo net self reinforced, meaning that when you assert force on the cargo net the knot will keep the net in shape, it will not get loose whatsoever. These nets come with 10-12 plastic hooks for tie down. Our bungee net can be stretched easily without incurring any damage.

Top Rack Cargo Net

Rooftop luggage racks are only as valuable as the ropes you use to secure your belongings. With a Top Rack Cargo Net, locking down those items is a breeze. Secure luggage, coolers or any other travel gear with a net that features adjustable, easy-to-attach hooks. The hooks can be used with almost any type of aftermarket roof rack, so the net's grip can be customized to fit tightly around your particular load. Packing for a road trip has never been this easy.

Top Rack Cargo Net.png

Roof Rack Cargo Net

Enjoy the added security of a Roof Rack Cargo Net that lets you travel with more gear on your roof rack worry-free. Made of durable, nylon netting, Roof Rack Cargo Nets use reinforced hooks that latch on to nearly any rooftop luggage rack. Strong enough to lock down loads in any driving or weather conditions, Roof Rack Cargo Nets are the quick and easy way to pack more of your belongings on your next road trip.

Roof Rack Cargo Net.png

Bungee stretch net

A small cargo net is a great size for the back of your SUV, on an ATV, or for holding luggage on your car roof rack. It can stretch nearly twice its size and has 6 scratch-resistant plastic hooks for securing.


 bungee stretch net.png

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