The Most Safe Solution To Use Your Phone While Driving

- Sep 20, 2018-

The Most Safe Solution To Use Your Phone While Driving

First, do NOT use your phone while driving!!!

However, there are many situations that we have to use the phone. For example, once car GPS can not help us when arriving a new place, we have to Google Map it. Yes, with the phone.

So the most safe solution is to apply car phone holder.

Car holder 7.jpg

Car phone holder can be clipped on the outlet position.

 Car holder 4.jpg

Car phone holder can be sucked on dashboard, windshield.

 car holder 2.jpg

Car phone holder can be fixed on the car seat.

 car phone holder 4.png

Car phone holder can be used on bicycle and motorcycle as well.

 bike holder.jpg


Details of Car Phone Holder

1. Usually material is plastic as ABS, PVC or metal

2. Universal cradle for various devices, such as cell phones, pads, GPS

3. 360 degree rotation for preferred position & direction

4. Strong suction support and magnetic support to protect devices

5. Easy to install and release without any tools

6. Small & Compact size, without blocking your sight and space saving

7. Different colors, styles are available

8. Logo can be printed on holder

9. Packed with double shell blister, single blister, color box, etc.

car holder1.jpgcar holder12.jpg

AUTONEWLAND car phone holders help to keep your hands on steering wheel while driving. Your safety is our goal.   


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