Sort of car mats by material

- Aug 31, 2018-

Car mats are internal decorations that protect the exterior and internal of the car to keep clean and provide a beautiful and comfortable internal environment .

Car mats are a must-have item for cars, and the types and varieties are also increasing.


1. Wire ring car mat: The most popular foot pads in the market, and the best-selling car mats. It has a unique wire ring structure, which is environmentally friendly, soft, non-slip, dirt-resistant and easy to clean. However, compared to other material pads, the price of the wire ring pad will be slightly more expensive.


 2, Full enveloping car mat: This material mat is characterized by a wide coverage, placed on the car can be stuck all under the foot space. So dust and dirt or water will not get in the car. However, the large surrounding pad is easily stained by muddy water, and it is easy to clean without the wire ring.


 3, Rubber car mat: features: dirt-resistant, easy to clean, but the smell is large, easy to slide. Rubber mats have been very popular with car owners because of their resistance to dirt and easy cleaning. However, during use, the rubber feet were found to be relatively slippery, not so safe and stable, and the foot pads made of inferior products produced harmful odors, so they were slowly eliminated by the market.


 4, Plush car mat: Features: high comfort, upper grade, but easy to dirty, cleaning trouble. Plush mats are comfortable and look good, but the plush mats are more dirty and less washable. Generally, female car owners will buy plush pads.


5, Linen car mat: linen mat is the cheapest price, the mat is soft to the touch, easy to fluff after cleaning, and will be deformed after cleaning a few times, causing the foot to step on the surface of the mat deep, affecting comfort. Because of the low price of this kind of material, the car mat is easy to produce odor after a long period of use, especially in the summer when the temperature is high.



6,Leather car mats: for example, three-dimensional mats, easy to clean, the disadvantage is not water, vacuum, sound insulation is not good.


7, Chemical fiber car mat: advantages: the only choice of the original supporting material mats in the car factory, shortcomings: more difficult to care, time will be dirty.


8, PVC car mat (or plastic foot pad): advantages: it is easy to clean. Disadvantages: It is easy to harden in winter and will slide. The quality of raw materials of some products is uncontrollable and the heavy smell.


Each pair of car mats are tailor-made for the car, perfectly fit the curve and contour of the car, perfect, generous, and a variety of colors to choose from, truly tailored to different models, interiors, so that Cars are different. Each foot pad has his own characteristics, but in "safe, environmentally friendly, comfortable, cleaning methods


1, Ordinary materials


Such a foot pad is better to wash, and it can be washed with water when washing the car. Life mats are used to prevent dust, and people's feet often carry some dirt, so the mats are dirty, which requires us to regularly clean the mats and other car interior products. Must be ventilated.


2, Carpet material


The anti-slip mat of carpet material is not as careful as the leather, dry cleaning can be washed, but the dry cleaning effect is best. When washing with water, use low-alkali cleaning agent, soak in warm water for a period of time, then gently wash it, stack the mat and put it in the dehydrator for dehydration, then spread the cushion flat in the cool and ventilated place, pay attention to it. Do not expose to the sun, do not wring out!


3, Leather material

The leather can not be cleaned with water, so the leather pad should be cleaned with a damp cloth. If there is no wet cloth, you can wipe it off with a paper towel. It is best not to wash with water and also expose it to the sun. Some car wash shops in car beauty shops are flushed with water guns, which will hurt the leather feet, so be sure to pay special attention. If you want to protect your car, it is best to do it by yourself.

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