Oops! My Phone Is Power Off During Self-Driving Tour!

- Jul 27, 2018-

Oops! My Phone Is Power Off During Self-Driving Tour!


Last weekend, my phone is power off during our family self-driving tour! I got USB cable, but there’s no room to plug. What should I do?


Do worry! AUTONEWLAND got your back.

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Car Cell Phone Charger--The Perfect Power Solution on Your Way

1. Car cell phone charger can be used to charge a variety of your electronic products, such as mobile phone, GPS products, pad, etc.

2. Multiple protection circuit for low voltage, over voltage, overloads, short-circuit and overheat etc.

3. With different shapes and sizes, car charger is very convenient to carry.

4. The intelligent control will prolong the cycle life.

5. Environment friendly, energy-saving, complying with the safe certification standard.

6. Rapid charging your phone safely and efficiently without over-charging your battery.


AUTONEWLAND Car Cell Phone Charger

1. Car charger is of direct cigarette lighter connection.

2. There could be single ports, double, 3USB ports, or 4USB ports to meet your needs. Car chargers.jpg

3. The material is ABS / Aluminum, with higher quality. (There are various surface treatments which effect prices. )

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4. Input: 12/24V   Output: 2100mA

5. Different chargers have different functions. We show some for you as below:

1) With LED indicator

2) With digital display

3) With voltage monitor

4) Can be used as safe hammer

5) With air refresher

6) With cell phone holder

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6. AUTONEWLAND can do OEM. Any thought in your mind, we can help to make it come true.

1) Different colors; different shapes; different functions

2) LOGO printing on the charger

3) Requested package: PVC Box; Color Box; Single Blister; Double Blister


With AUTONEWLAND CAR CHARGERS, please immerse yourself in cozy family time and gorgeous scenery.  


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