How to use tire pressure gauge?

- Jun 01, 2018-

A tire pressure gauge is a tool for measuring the tire pressure of a vehicle. There are three types: pencil tire pressure gauge, mechanical tire pressure gauge and digital tire pressure gauge. Among them, the digital tire pressure count value is the most accurate and the most convenient to use.

Air pressure is the most important of the tire. Too high and too low will shorten its service life. If the air pressure is too low, it will increases the deformation of tire, and the sidewalls are prone to cracks. At the same time, it occurs flexion, resulting in excessive heat generation, which causes aging of the rubber, fatigue of the ply, and breakage of cords.

Low air pressure will increase tire ground contact area and accelerate shoulder wear. If the air pressure is too high, the tire cords will be excessively stretched and the body will be reduced in elasticity, which will increase the load on the car during driving. In case of impact, will occur internal cracking and blasting , and at the same time the air pressure will accelerate wear of the crown, and reduce rolling resistance. Tire pressure gauge can accurately measure the tire pressure, thus monitoring tire pressure at all times to ensure your driving safety. It is best to check before going on high speed. 

How to measure tire pressure

The simplest maintenance is like a tire pressure test. If the tire pressure is not enough: the car is not brisk, it feels waste oil, and the operation feels sluggish; if the tire pressure is too high: the tire looks very good, but the middle part will be worn out too much, driving will feel drifting; The air pressure is within the range of the manufacturer's configuration, which enables the tire to have the largest and most uniform optimal contact surface, thus uniformly transmitting the driving force and uniformly wearing.

Open the driver's door and you will see a square of car parameter stickers (usually white) on the side of the door frame or door, with the standard tire pressure (usually 28 to 32 psi). The car tire pressure is 32psi, SUV/Van is 35psi.

1.Unscrew the lid of the tire air hole

2.Take out the tire pressure gauge

3.Take the correct end of the tire pressure gauge, align the air hole and press it tightly

4.The scale will be popped up, then will indicate the tire pressure

To better protect your tire,it’s necessary to prepare a tire pressure gauge in your car.

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