How to use a screw jacks?

- Oct 09, 2018-

How to use a screw jacks?

During the process of international trade, many people purchase screw jack, it is more popular in Middle East market , like Dubai, it is very useful.


Unlike floor jack and bottle jack, the screw jacks is mechanical jack, they have 4 characteristics.


1. Light weight, convenient to carry.

2. Simple maintenance, safe and reliable use.

3. Simple structure, low transmission efficiency and slow return.

4. High lifting weight, ideal large tonnage mechanical jack


In general, the capacity of screw jacks is from 2Ton, 3Ton, 5Ton to 380ton, in our catalogue, there are 3 models, most customers purchase 2ton.  

screw jack 01.png 


How to use a screw jack?

In every screw jacks, there are 3 accessories, please see this picturescrew jack 03.png, it is driven by human power through screw pair, screw rod or nut sleeve as jack lifted up use, please see the following pictures for the use method.

screw jack 02.png 

How to keep screw jacks nice?

1. Keep the body surface clean, check the internal structure regularly, make the pinion inside the rocker flexible and reliable, and lift sleeve free of lifting.

2. The friction surface between the lifting sleeve and the shell must be oiled at any time, and other oil injection holes should be lubricated regularly.

3. In order to consider the safety in use, do not overload, do not work abnormal, should not make more than one to use, to avoid danger.

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