How to choose suitable working gloves?

- Mar 23, 2018-

  The working glove is not easily damaged,and have long service life.With fine processing make it more comfortabler to wear and grip the goods accurately. In addition, the working gloves also have the advantages of better heat insulation and insulation properties.

Material category:

   According to material, there are top grain leather, split leather, cow leather,pigskin leather,nitrile glove,cotton thread gloves,anti-cutting glove,etc.


How to choose suitable gloves?

  As we all know, work gloves are an instrument used to protect the safety of our hands. It is because the protective properties are very important to it, we should pay attention to the following aspects when purchasing and using:


1. We should choose the gloves that suit ourselves according to the size of our hands: we cannot choose too small gloves, because if we choose gloves that are smaller than our hands, we will feel that our hands are very tight when we wear them. At the same time, it is unconducive to the flow of blood in our hands; but we cannot choose too big a glove. If the gloves are too big, then we will feel quite inflexible when we work, and the gloves are very easy to drop from our hands. Down.


2. We should choose the right gloves for our own work environment. Different gloves have different protective effects. Only when they are selected according to the special circumstances , do they not appear unnecessarily dangerous.


3. Whatever type of glove you use, you should do a very detailed inspection of it. Once you find that it is damaged, you should immediately replace it. If you find that it is damaged, but you are unwilling to replace it, you should put other gauze gloves or leather gloves on it for normal use.


4, If you choose those made of synthetic rubber gloves, then the color should be very uniform, and the palm part should be relatively thick, but the other part of the thin thickness is the same. And its surface should be relatively smooth. Most importantly, no damage can occur on this type of glove, otherwise it cannot be used anymore.


5. If you choose gloves made of rubber, you should not allow them to be in contact with acids and other substances for a long time. At the same time, it should be noted that they cannot be exposed to such sharp objects.


6, no matter what kind of gloves you use, you should carry out a corresponding inspection on a regular basis, if found damaged, you should take appropriate measures.


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