How to choose a battery terminal

- Sep 10, 2018-

During the process of international trade, many customers don’t know how to judge a battery terminal, because there are different material, weight, and surface treatment of this item, the following is to introduce how to choose a battery terminal.


When we choose a battery terminal, there are two main points we need to pay attention to. The one is material, the other is weight. In addition, we need to see that it is one pc/packing or one pair/packing when to purchase.


1. Material

There are three material of this item, aluminum magnesium alloy, antimonial lead and copper, except these material, there also have iron material. The most popular material is aluminum magnesium and copper, the copper is best because the conductivity of electricity is best, the working life is the longest.

2. Weight

There are different weights for battery terminal, the price will higher if the weight is heavier based on same material. In general, the weight is from 40g/pair to 150g/pair, some item is more than 165G/pair, like this one, this item with a cover, it is 165g/pair.

battary terminal 1.png 

3. Surface treatment


Different surface treatment will have different color.

For aluminum magnesium, it is copper plating, the color is yellow. Pls see this picture.

battary terminal 2.jpg 

For antimonial lead, the color is white like this, without surface treatment.

battary terminal 3.jpg 

For zinc plated copper, the color is like this.


battary terminal 4.jpg 

4. Package

In general, there are 3 kinds of package for this item, single blister, double blister and opp bag, opp bag is simplest and cheapest package, the price for double blister is higher than single blister. 


Except these 4 points, we need to pay attention to whether it is 1pcs/packing and 1pair/packing, it is also important.


We also have one other shape of the battery terminal, please see the following picture, there is 10% customer also purchase this shape., for this model, the length is 40-120cm, the material is pure copper.

battary terminal 5.jpg


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