Oil Gun Parts

Oil Gun Parts

Product name: Oil Gun
Art. No.: G018
Pressure: 6500-10000PSI
Net weight: 26kgs
Capacity:500cc bulk grease
MOQ: 1000 sets
Package:Color Box
Port: Ningbo, China
Place of origin: China (Mainland)

Product Details

Description of Oil Gun:

Accurate in flow rate control, it can prevent overfilling and stealing. The fuel nozzle begin to work when the oil pump system give enough pressure or the fuel nozzle was placed on the fuel nozzle shelf, the fuel nozzle will shut down automatically. it is suitable for diesel, kerosene and all kinds of gasoline.

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Advantage of Oil Gun:

1. We offer different kinds of oil guns according to different market.

2. We have hand grease gun and air grease gun.

3. Very safe during use.

4. Heavy duty.


Details of Oil Gun:

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