Foot Pump Amazon

Foot Pump Amazon

Product name: Foot pump amazon
Art. No.: 9108
Capacity: 1000cc bulk grease
MOQ: 1000 sets
Package: Color Box
Port: Ningbo, China
Place of origin: China (Mainland)

Product Details

Description For Foot Pump:

This Single Barrel Foot Pump is a must have for all households. Single Barrel. This pump is only for Schrader Valves which is your standard Bike and Car type.It is helpful when the bike tire or car tire is flat.

Item No.:9108


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Advantage for Foot Pump :

1. Foot pump with compact design, very convenient and labor-saving
2. With air pressure gauge kit, pumping the vehicle quickly and safely
3. Foldable design, perfect for travelling or home use, or when you are on the go for emergency
4. High pressure inflate air pump, suitable for car, bicycles, motorcycles, ball or any inflatable toys
5. With the durable metal materials, compact outward with a variety of gas nozzle

Details For Foot Pump :

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