Universal Cross Wrench Key

Product name: Cross wrench
Art. No.: D007C
MOQ: 1000pcs
Package: OPP bag
Port: Ningbo, China
Place of origin: China (Mainland)

Product Details

Description of Cross Wrench:

A Universal Cross Wrench Key is commonly used in installation and disassemble tools.

A Universal Cross Wrench Key made from forged heat treated carbon steel

A Universal Cross Wrench Key is painting coated

A Universal Cross Wrench Key is 14 inches body length for easy leverage

Each socket size is directly stamped into the wrench for clear and permanent identification.

Universal Cross Wrench Key.jpg

Advantage of Cross Wrench:

1. The surface of this cross wrench is painting coated to protect surface.
2.  This cross have strong quality, for loading and unloading automotive tires
3. 4 sizes 17/19/21/23mm is convenient to use.

4. Customized design, OEM & ODM are available.

Details of Cross wrench:

D007C.jpg D007C-1.jpg

Our Service of Cross wrench

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Sample Service of Cross Wrench:

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