Hydraulic Bottle Jack 8 Ton

Product name: Bottle Jack
Art. No.: Q066B
MOQ: 100pcs
Package: Color Box/Plastic Box
Port: Ningbo, China
Place of origin: China (Mainland)

Product Details

Description of Bottle Jack:

Our bottle jack Q066B is a jack which seems like a bottle in shape, having a neck and a cylindrical body. Inside it is a vertical lifting ram with a support pad of some kind fixed to the top.

This model bottle jack is hydraulic, and the hydraulic ram emerges from the body vertically by hydraulic pressure provided by a pump either on the baseplate or at a remote location via a pressure hose.

This model of bottle jacks have a capacity of up to 20 tons and may be used to lift a variety of objects. Typical uses include the repair of automobiles and house foundations. 

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Advantage of Bottle Jack:

1. We offer different kinds of bottle jacks according to different market.

2. Usage: For Car. It lifts vehicles so that maintenance can be performed.

3. Very safe during use.

4. Heavy duty.

5. We can offer blue, red, orange color for you.

Details of Bottle Jack:

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Our Service of Bottle Jack

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Sample Service of Bottle Jack:

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