Halogen Headlight Relay Kit

Halogen Headlight Relay Kit

10PCS Kits
H7 halogen bulb
Car Fuse 7.5A
Car Fuse 10A
Car Fuse 15A
T10 12V,5W W2,1x9,5d
SV8.5 11*35 12V5W
12V,21/5W BAY15d
12V,21W BA15s
12V, 21W BAU15s AMBER
T10 12V, 5W W2,1x9,5d AMBER

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Description of Bulb kit

1. 10PCS Kits

2. H7 halogen bulb 

3. Car Fuse 7.5A

4. Car Fuse 10A

5. Car Fuse 15A 

6. T10 12V,5W  W2,1x9,5d

7. SV8.5 11*35 12V5W

8. 12V,21/5W BAY15d 

9. 12V,21W BA15s 

10. 12V, 21W BAU15s AMBER

11. T10 12V, 5W W2,1x9,5d AMBER

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Advantage of Bulb kits:

1. We offer different kinds of bulb kit according to different market.

2. Usage: For Car. The Compact Universal Bulb Kit contains the 2 main types of Halogen Headlamp Bulbs and a collection of other bulbs and fuses

3. Packaged in a sturdy storage box.

4. Very safe during use.

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