Steel Cable Tow Rope

Steel Cable Tow Rope

Poduct Name: Car Steel Tow Rope
Art No.: 9508
Size:6,8,10,12mm x 3.2-4m
Pull ≤ 2000KG
Weight of Hooks:125g,165g,180g,230g
Package: PVC hand bag

Product Details

Description of Steel Tow Rope:

Steel Tow Ropes are widely used in elevators, lifting equipment, maneuvering wires, metallurgy, mining, machinery, aviation, automobiles, marine, marine fishery and other fields.

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Advantage of Steel Tow Rope:

1.Cheaper than stainless steel wire ropes

2.Higher break strength than stainless steel

3.Greater fatigue strength

4.Excellent corrosion resistant

5.Less wear than other materials

6.Galvanized coating serves as lubricant to reduce friction

7.Remain ductile over long periods of working

Details of Steel Tow Rope:

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Our Service of Steel Tow Rope:

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Sample Service of Steel Tow Rope:

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