24V Cigarette Lighter Socket

24V Cigarette Lighter Socket

Product name: Cigar Lighter Socket
Art. No.: 1415
Voltage: 12V/24V
Material: ABS
MOQ: 1000pcs
Package: Color Box/Double blister

Product Details

Description of Cigar Lighter Socket:

New design for universal cars, and easily connect with electric accessories of your car, it let you have fun with your outside trip.

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Advantage of Cigar Lighter Socket:

1.It can be used for all kinds of DC 12V/24V vehicles.

2.Very handy for using on many things: hook up in the car, GPS, Cell phone charger, recording cameras, speakerphone and so on.

3.With LED indicator, subtle LED lights up when power cord makes contact.

Details of Cigar Lighter Socket:

Cigar Lighter Socket package.jpg Cigar Lighter Socket picture.jpg

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Package picture

Cigar lighter socket package.jpg Cigar lighter socket.jpg

Our Service of Cigar Lighter Socket:

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Sample Service of Cigar Lighter Socket:

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