12V Cigar Lighter

12V Cigar Lighter

Product name:Cigar Lighter
Art. No.:1502
Usage:For car
Delivery Time:25 days after getting deposit
Package: OPP bag

Product Details

Description of Cigar Lighter:

This cigar lighter is a high quality accessory for 12 volt. It's very convenient for you and passengers in the car to smoke at any time you want.

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Advantage of Cigar Lighter:

1.For universal fitment.

2.Fits a 28 - 29mm round hole.

3.Color: Blue Red Green Yellow.

Details of Cigar Lighter:

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 cigar lighter.jpg        cigar lighter package.jpg                                              

Package picture:
 cigar lighter package.png  cigar lighter package sell.png  cigar lighter package photo.png  


Our Service of Cigar Lighter:

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Sample Service of Cigar Lighter:

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