Car Air Compressor Pumps

Product name: Air Compressor
Art. No.: C025
Voltage:12V DC
Cylinder diameter:30mm
Accessories: 2 nozzle adapters and 1 sports needle
Package: Color box

Product Details

Description of Air Compressor:

It is applicable for vehicle tires, bike tires, motorcycle tires and balls

a tire can be inflated in 3 minutes and please directly connect the tire inflator to car's cigar lighter, then it can digitally show the tire gauges of tires.

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Advantage of Air Compressor:

1. Car Charge Only. 12 VOLT - 140 PSI Maximum Working Pressure, engine must be running during use. Please look at the listing's detail.

2. Air Hose with about 1m. Maximum operating current: 10A. Flow: 35L / min. Barometer: 140PSI. Note: The tire inflator does not apply to trucks and lorry.

3. Comes with three kinds of gas nozzle, bicycles, motorcycles, balls, inflatable can also be encouragement.

4. Cord Length: 285cm. Continuous working time: 15min.

5. Ultra-small vibration and noise (strong). Please check about the tire pressure when using tire inflator

Details of Air Compressor:

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Package picture

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